Legal Advisory & Consulting Services

Change the way your legal department operates with bespoke operations models aimed at optimizing your corporate structure.

Executive Industry Advisers on every continent

Leverage local expert knowledge through FLI’s Executive Industry Advisers

For the past 20+ years, our team of experts has advised corporations across the globe on optimizing their legal processes and making the most out of their global expansion to new markets and jurisdictions.

Inside Counsel Optimisation

FLI has extensive experience in optimizing inside counsel structures and advising on inside counsel hires, to create the building blocks for an efficient practice.

Commercial & Operational Assistance

FLI has substantial experience in drafting Codes of Conduct and providing Compliance Trainings for client teams using FLI’s bespoke compliance solution, FLInstitute. This includes localization and translation.

Digital Legal Secondments

In addition to our standard operations, FLI offers clients the ability to engage one of our expert industry advisors (EIAs) for a specific set of legal secondments, digitally – from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for short-term assistance or where a steady or seasoned hand is needed.

Digital Advisory Board (DAB)

Our team brings in experts for remote Advisory Boards, sourced with Top-Tier local counsel and seasoned General-Counsels in any of FLI’s 100+ jurisdictions.

The Power of One

FLI has built a reliable Award Winning global network of top-ranked law firms that specialize in providing specialty and standardized legal solutions in over 100 jurisdictions around the globe. Our clients benefit from a single point of management for all services – worry-free, regardless of the number of jurisdictions.

One flat-rate service, one currency, one account.

One letter of engagement

Work with us on a multi-jurisdiction project without the worry of multiple terms of engagement, different types of contracts or billing.

One blended rate across regions

Top quality legal advice at a blended hourly rate across regions.

One case tracking platform

With our proprietary digital platform, our clients enjoy a streamlined case management process, making it easy to always access the latest case updates.

One consolidated invoice

We pride ourselves on our transparent billing and invoicing, leaving no room for surprises when billing time arrives.

One stop for end-to-end legal services

Full-service legal advice across all areas of law supported by our expert industry advisors (former GCs of Fortune Companies). Regardless of your legal issue, we will make it easy for you.

Global Coverage

17,000 +


100 +



years of experience

Our leadership

Our management team is focused on driving better customer experiences and meaningful results. We’re passionate about helping to connect large and small-scale businesses to expert legal talent across borders, using the very best technology. Our leadership team shares 100+ years of collective Legal & Legal Tech experience between them.

Orlando Casares Chief Executive Officer

Orlando Casares

FLI HQ - Brussels, Belgium

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Scott Blackmer FLI Management Americas

Scott Blackmer

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Daniel Casares-Lauritsen Chief Business Development Officer

Daniel Casares-Lauritsen

FLI HQ - Brussels, Belgium

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Ad-Hoc Themes and Bespoke projects

Take a look at some of the areas we could cover for your next project.


GDPR and Privacy regulations across countries in Europe make EU-compliance a process subject to periodic changes in the law with a significant impact on internal policies and procedures. Our teams help in-house counsels navigate those changes, as well as corporations with operations outside the EU, whose jurisdictions are seeking to grow in EU GDPR compliance.

Import and Export Manuals and Guidance

Import and export manuals are very specific documents that connect processes with planning and the local regulations in place. Keeping up with strict import and export laws can be a challenging process, especially when there is little inter-company communication to harmonize this area - this is where FLI comes in. Our team can guide the trade process and ensure smooth operations and precise policies throughout all divisions.

Antitrust and Competition

More and more jurisdictions across the world now have antitrust laws, posing challenges to business practices that must navigate unfair competition and monopoly risks. Through our network, we can cover more than 100+ jurisdictions and help our clients with these potentially expensive risks considering the significant fines for any violation in these markets.

Brexit: Act Now

Our teams have been monitoring Brexit since the referendum. With the UK’s largest law firm as FLI’s member, we’re uniquely positioned to advise you, on a case by case basis in each and every industry sector. With 15 offices in the UK, our legal teams are ready to guide in-house legal departments on the impact of Brexit on your specific business, especially during the early times of uncertainty.

Ad-Hoc Themes and Bespoke projects

The FLI NET members are prepared for ad-hoc, short- or long-term projects, from initial assessments and gap analysis to introductory memos, legal alerts, or the implementation of the actual domino-effect of the legal discovery.

Ensure better value and better delivery, at every stage

Local legal services through FLI

Request a meeting with our experts to find out how the FLI NET expertise can benefit you and your in-house legal team.


  • Engage one team for all of your legal needs across the globe
  • Get a scope and quote quickly
  • Get expert domestic advice on scoping, pricing, delivery and implications for legal operations
  • Speak to local counsel directly
  • Learn about the link between the legal assignment and its operational outcomes
  • Get access to FLI's leading LegalTech tools, FLInstitute, and FLIghtOne
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Post COVID-19: Supply Chains & More

Post COVID-19: Supply Chains & More

Over the past forty years digitalisation coupled with the overpowering forces of globalisation have redefined virtually all aspects of our life, from how we communicate to how we consume. Adapting to these changes, worldwide manufacturing production has been reorganised into global value chains (GVCs) to satisfy the growing demand at any time, any place. Thus, supply chains have become inseparably interconnected, whereby raw materials and intermediate goods are shipped around the globe multiple times and then assembled in yet another location to be reexported to the final consumers in both developed and developing markets. As such, about 70% of international trade today involves GVCs, making them a true backbone of our global economy.

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Seeking for Alpha and Portfolio Hedges

Seeking for Alpha and Portfolio Hedges

FLI comments on recent trends seen in Venture Capital (VC) and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) using patents as the main source of competitive advantage in corporate portfolios specifically linked to technology firms. These principles have implications for in-house counsel, investment officers, and portfolio management.

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Other Services

Full Service Legal Solutions

FLI NET is a team of more than 17,000 lawyers in over 100+ jurisdictions across the globe, whose members are available to provide end-to-end bespoke legal solutions, tailored to your needs and requirements - with local knowledge, and global coverage.

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Digital Environments for Legal Teams

Meet today’s market challenges with the latest legal technology for project management, case tracking, and compliance training.

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Mitigating Compliance Risk

Our team of experts help clients manage increased stakeholder expectations, the risks associated with anti-corruption non-compliance and complex global trade rules.

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