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Fast, premier, and cost-effective legal services in over 100 countries

We have spent 20 years as a global network of top law firms. Whether your business needs help in a single country or dozens simultaneously, we make it easy, saving you time and money.

Trusted by more than 1000 businesses in 100 countries.


What We Do

We are passionate about helping each of our clients get the very best legal support, when they need it. That's why we've taken big steps to ensure FLI stand out from the crowd. Our values and entrepreneurial approach are why big businesses choose us time and time again as their legal partner of choice. Managing and running a legal department can be stressful at the best of times, that's why you can always count on our motivated cross-border team of experts to stand by you, whenever you need it most.

20 + years

17,000 + lawyers

100 + jurisdictions

Why FLI?

Our clients are at the epicenter of what we do. We approach every new case with honesty, transparency and fairness with the advice we offer and the fees we charge.

Constantly dedicated to stay ahead of the curve, we bring decades worth of experience and ownership of the results.

The Power of One

FLI has built a reliable Award Winning global network of top-ranked law firms that specialize in providing specialty and standardized legal solutions in over 100 jurisdictions around the globe. Our clients benefit from a single point of management for all services – worry-free, regardless of the number of jurisdictions.

One flat-rate service, one currency, one account.

One letter of engagement

Work with us on a multi-jurisdiction project without the worry of multiple terms of engagement, different types of contracts or billing.

One blended rate across regions

Top quality legal advice at a blended hourly rate across regions.

One case tracking platform

With our proprietary digital platform, our clients enjoy a streamlined case management process, making it easy to always access the latest case updates.

One consolidated invoice

We pride ourselves on our transparent billing and invoicing, leaving no room for surprises when billing time arrives.

One stop for end-to-end legal services

Full-service legal advice across all areas of law supported by our expert industry advisors (former GCs of Fortune Companies). Regardless of your legal issue, we will make it easy for you.

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Multiple networking conferences for clients and partners to exchange best-practices and global insights.

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Partnerships that offer clients more resources:

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Our straight-talking experts give you the latest insights and trends impacting global business.

The Evolving Landscape of European Technology Regulation: Implications for Global Business Data Protection and Retention Compliance and Regulation Technology Cyber Security

The Evolving Landscape of European Technology Regulation: Implications for Global Business

The European Union has emerged as an undeniable leader in the comprehensive regulation of the digital sphere. Its approach towards privacy, dominant tech platforms, online content moderation, and the development of artificial intelligence has the potential to influence regulatory trends across the globe. From small businesses to multinational corporations, any entity operating within the EU market or interacting with EU citizens faces a rapidly evolving set of complex requirements.

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Greenwashing in Sustainable Finance: Navigating the Ethical Landscape Environment Financial Services Compliance and Regulation

Greenwashing in Sustainable Finance: Navigating the Ethical Landscape

The evolving landscape of ESG considerations has attracted widespread attention in recent years, particularly in relation to the prominent subject of Sustainable Finance. However, its emergence has accentuated a concerning issue of greenwashing. The implications of greenwashing are significant as it could undermine the credibility and effectiveness of sustainable finance by potentially misleading investors who seek to support sustainable initiatives.

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Ensure better value and better delivery, at every stage

Local legal services through FLI

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  • Engage one team for all of your legal needs across the globe.
  • Get a scope and quote quickly.
  • Get expert domestic advice on scoping, pricing, delivery and implications for legal operations.
  • Speak to local counsel directly.
  • Learn about the link between the legal assignment and its operational outcomes.
  • Get access to FLI’s leading LegalTech tools, FLInstitute, and FLIghtOne.
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