Data Protection & Privacy Optimization

Our goal is to help our clients confidently navigate the complex landscape of data protection and privacy, and ensure that they protect their sensitive data while still being able to effectively operate their businesses.

One Global Privacy Offering

Global streamlined efforts to mitigate data-privacy and data-protection risks

With ever-changing local laws, policies, and definitions, integrated data-privacy solutions for legal-support are the best way to structure the global Data-Privacy programs. Our global team can ensure you receive both corporate and global support, whilst ensuring local business units are covered using our local counsel.

Administrative & Corporate Support

FLI lays the foundation of your data protection program by drafting data transfer agreements, including intra-group and vendor specific DTAs, supplementing these with standard contractual clauses where applicable, performing Transfer Risk Assessments and codifying of ongoing Technical and Organizational Measures.

Gap Analysis & Remedial Measures

We identify and address any shortcomings in your data protection and privacy practices. We begin by conducting a thorough review of your current data management practices via a global questionnaire, we then identify any gaps or vulnerabilities in these practices and develop and implement customized solutions to address these issues.

Global Compliance & Risk Horizon Scanning

FLI helps you anticipate and prepare for potential data protection and privacy risks looming on the horizon by regularly monitoring and identifying emerging trends and threats in the data protection and privacy landscape, assessing the potential impact of these risks on your business and developing and implementing strategies to mitigate these risks.

Stakeholder Management

Our dedicated project team will engage the relevant stakeholders to optimize the implementation and launch of the data protection program. This often involves liaising with internal decision-makers and enablers, meeting with local subsidiary managers to fulfil initial gap-analyses, establishing an optimal path to transfer files from legacy counsel, among others.

DPO Appointment & Servicing

As experts in data protection and privacy law, we have the knowledge and experience to assist businesses in identifying the statutory need for a DPO and selecting the right individual for the role. Our local counsel are well equipped to serve as your external DPOs, overseeing and advising you on all your data processing activities.

Reactive Measures & Breach Response

FLI Team helps you quickly and effectively address any data breaches that may occur, assisting with an initial investigation of the scope and impact of the breach, notification of affected individuals and regulatory authorities, and developing and implementing a plan to prevent future breaches.

The Power of One

FLI has built a reliable Award Winning global network of top-ranked law firms that specialize in providing specialty and standardized legal solutions in over 100 jurisdictions around the globe. Our clients benefit from a single point of management for all services – worry-free, regardless of the number of jurisdictions.

One flat-rate service, one currency, one account.

One letter of engagement

Work with us on a multi-jurisdiction project without the worry of multiple terms of engagement, different types of contracts or billing.

One blended rate across regions

Top quality legal advice at a blended hourly rate across regions.

One case tracking platform

With our proprietary digital platform, our clients enjoy a streamlined case management process, making it easy to always access the latest case updates.

One consolidated invoice

We pride ourselves on our transparent billing and invoicing, leaving no room for surprises when billing time arrives.

One stop for end-to-end legal services

Full-service legal advice across all areas of law supported by our expert industry advisors (former GCs of Fortune Companies). Regardless of your legal issue, we will make it easy for you.

Global Coverage

17,000 +


100 +



years of experience

Our leadership

Our management team is focused on driving better customer experiences and meaningful results. We’re passionate about helping to connect large and small-scale businesses to expert legal talent across borders, using the very best technology. Our leadership team shares 100+ years of collective Legal & Legal Tech experience between them.

Orlando Casares Chief Executive Officer

Orlando Casares

FLI HQ - Brussels, Belgium

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Scott Blackmer FLI Management Americas

Scott Blackmer

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Daniel Casares-Lauritsen Chief Business Development Officer (SVP)

Daniel Casares-Lauritsen

FLI HQ - Brussels, Belgium

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David Neal Chief Technology Officer

David Neal

FLI HQ - Brussels, Belgium

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Full Service Legal Solutions

FLI NET is a team of more than 17,000 lawyers in over 100+ jurisdictions across the globe, whose members are available to provide end-to-end bespoke legal solutions, tailored to your needs and requirements - with local knowledge, and global coverage.

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