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FLI NET is a team of more than 17,000 lawyers in over 100+ jurisdictions across the globe, whose members are available to provide end-to-end bespoke legal solutions, tailored to your needs and requirements - with local knowledge, and global coverage.

Source Outside Counsel in over 100+ jurisdictions with the Power of One

Leverage in-country intelligence for corporate expansions & optimize the use of outside counsel

Trusted by the world’s top brands, our subject matter experts have advised in-house legal teams on scoping, pricing, delivery, and implications for legal and commercial matters for more than 20 years.

Global Product Expansions

Reduce time to market and remove the risk of unknown problematic local regulations. FLI works across 100+ jurisdictions and can help you gain a better oversight of your company’s legal risks and opportunities, and give you access to invaluable domestic legal experts with deep industry subject-matter experience.

M&A, Corporate Venture Capital (CVC), Private Equity

We enable our clients to set up a defined investment and growth strategy even in complex multi-jurisdictional matters. We advise on the full range of corporate transactions, from mergers and acquisitions to strategic joint ventures or complex cross-border deals.

Restructuring and Consolidation

FLI offers targeted expertise and an extensive network of professionals that can find the best legal solution for your organization, no matter which stage of growth your business may be at. We analyze your situation, identify bespoke measures, and advise on the best implementation of the reorganization or restructuring process.

Initial Public Offering (IPOs)

Our cross-border team will support you throughout the process to ensure a successful IPO both in your domestic market and abroad. We have a broad understanding of multi-jurisdictional practices and experience understanding capital markets.

Initial Jurisdictional Due-Diligence

We regularly assist our global clients to gain insight and local intelligence from foreign markets while planning their global expansions, migrations, restructurings, and acquiring an equity interest in foreign establishments. Our teams have advised in-house legal counsels on more than 100+ jurisdictions across the globe and helped them manage risk efficiently prior to foreign investments.

Foreign Direct Investments

Our team has extensive experience representing the interests of global investors in a wide range of capacities and navigating global sensitive matters. FLI enables clients to identify optimal courses of action depending on their global interests, cross-referenced with local counsel’s guidance in streamlining corporate and business strategy.

Foreign Litigation

Our global network is uniquely prepared and positioned to handle cross-border disputes to resolve complex international legal matters. We manage international cases from pre-litigation, due diligence, risk assessment or potential outcome and we are committed to resolving disputes effectively for our clients, through a deep understanding of their business and with local counsel.

Operational/Commercial Legal Integrations

a. Data Privacy, Transfer, and Retention

b. Compliance & Code of Conduct

c. Regulatory Landscape Advisory Services

d. Contract harmonization & Global Template Creation

The Power of One

FLI has built a reliable Award Winning global network of top-ranked law firms that specialize in providing specialty and standardized legal solutions in over 100 jurisdictions around the globe. Our clients benefit from a single point of management for all services – worry-free, regardless of the number of jurisdictions.

One flat-rate service, one currency, one account.

One letter of engagement

Work with us on a multi-jurisdiction project without the worry of multiple terms of engagement, different types of contracts or billing.

One blended rate across regions

Top quality legal advice at a blended hourly rate across regions.

One case tracking platform

With our proprietary digital platform, our clients enjoy a streamlined case management process, making it easy to always access the latest case updates.

One consolidated invoice

We pride ourselves on our transparent billing and invoicing, leaving no room for surprises when billing time arrives.

One stop for end-to-end legal services

Full-service legal advice across all areas of law supported by our expert industry advisors (former GCs of Fortune Companies). Regardless of your legal issue, we will make it easy for you.

Global Coverage

17,000 +


100 +



years of experience

Our leadership

Our management team is focused on driving better customer experiences and meaningful results. We’re passionate about helping to connect large and small-scale businesses to expert legal talent across borders, using the very best technology. Our leadership team shares 100+ years of collective Legal & Legal Tech experience between them.

Orlando Casares Chief Executive Officer

Orlando Casares

FLI HQ - Brussels, Belgium

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Scott Blackmer FLI Management Americas

Scott Blackmer

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Daniel Casares-Lauritsen Chief Business Development Officer

Daniel Casares-Lauritsen

FLI HQ - Brussels, Belgium

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Ensure better value and better delivery, at every stage

Optimise the Use of Your Outside Counsel

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  • Get expert domestic advice on scoping, pricing, delivery and implications for legal operations
  • Speak to local counsel directly
  • Learn about the link between the legal assignment and its operational outcomes
  • Get access to FLI's leading LegalTech tools, FLInstitute, and FLIghtOne
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Post COVID-19: Supply Chains & More

Post COVID-19: Supply Chains & More

Over the past forty years digitalisation coupled with the overpowering forces of globalisation have redefined virtually all aspects of our life, from how we communicate to how we consume. Adapting to these changes, worldwide manufacturing production has been reorganised into global value chains (GVCs) to satisfy the growing demand at any time, any place. Thus, supply chains have become inseparably interconnected, whereby raw materials and intermediate goods are shipped around the globe multiple times and then assembled in yet another location to be reexported to the final consumers in both developed and developing markets. As such, about 70% of international trade today involves GVCs, making them a true backbone of our global economy.

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Covid-19 & The Cloud: A Lasting Impact

Covid-19 & The Cloud: A Lasting Impact

FLI partners are meeting the needs of clients during the painful stages of COVID-19 quarantines and lockdowns, as well as the various phases of cautious re-opening of business. Sadly, this comes with occasional regression to shuttered plants and offices with renewed outbreaks of the novel coronavirus. In each of these phases, IT and communications play a critical role, bringing heightened cybersecurity risks and new privacy challenges that are pushing enterprises to make changes that will likely last beyond the current crisis.

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Other Services

Legal Advisory & Consulting Services

Change the way your legal department operates with bespoke operations models aimed at optimizing your corporate structure.

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Digital Environments for Legal Teams

Meet today’s market challenges with the latest legal technology for project management, case tracking, and compliance training.

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Mitigating Compliance Risk

Our team of experts help clients manage increased stakeholder expectations, the risks associated with anti-corruption non-compliance and complex global trade rules.

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