Guide for Evaluating Country Risk for Global Investments 2022

Orlando Casares
Orlando Casares
July 5th, 2022

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FLI is excited to have published its 2022 Global Guide for Evaluating Country Risk for Global Investments. As always, FLI is proud to showcase the work of its stellar in-country partners. We are pleased to see so many of them contribute to this year's edition and wish to thank them for their contributions. Targeted at corporates with foreign operations, this guide provides executives with the insights, nuances and ins and outs to navigating investment abroad. It is our aim that this guide will open doors and create opportunities.

Following the 35% COVID-induced drop in global foreign investment, we are seeing a confident rebound in Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) growth globally and a renewed interest in pursuing both greenfield and brownfield investment opportunities from corporate clients.

As the global elite network of law firms spanning across 100+ countries, it is our responsibility to guide our clients and advise them on potential investment opportunities. It is no longer sufficient for law firms to introduce their clients to a well- known financial investment firm. Indeed, more and more partners in law firms are expected to advise on the location of good investment opportunities and act as the mediator between prospective buyer and seller while looking after the interests of their clients, who are often based offshore.

At FLI we are confident that this year’s edition of the Guide for Evaluating Country Risk will expand on its predecessor both in jurisdictional coverage and depth of content. This guide provides the reader with facts, figures and opinions that are not readily available in the marketplace, and which can only be provided by local law firms with the relevant internal know-how.

This guide seeks to raise questions while providing insight to assist the reader's search for the right investment opportunity, be it for their own company or for a corporate client.

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Orlando Casares

Orlando Casares

Orlando founded First Law International in 2001, with a vision to streamline legal service offerings for In-house counsels across the world. He has over 25 years of experience managing cross-border projects such as M&A, litigation management, restructurings, insolvencies, and global compliance policy roll-outs for NYSE and NASDAQ-listed Fortune companies and privately-owned mid-cap companies. Orlando’s relationship with General Counsel and Corporate Executives of the Board is an invaluable asset when a steady hand in needed in complex tasks involving several jurisdictions and a multi-disciplinary approach.

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