The Digital Transformation

2020 saw FLI undertake a multi-faceted digital transformation ensuring cutting-edge service for FLI Net member forms and global clients alike.

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Key changes:

  1. Full company rebranding.
  2. Investment in industry-leading technology.
  3. A Global rollout of collaboration platform.
  4. Appointment of Chief Digital Officer.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

FLI has spent the last twenty years curating a global network of top quality firms and establishing themselves as the go-to legal network for multinational clients.

2020 saw FLI take huge steps in overhauling it’s already excellent service by appointing its first Chief Digital Officer, former LegalZoomer and expert technologist, Craig Holt.

In addition to an exhaustive company-wide rebranding to ensure FLIs brand and principles evolve and thrive in this post-COVID era, it is also invested in cutting edge industry-leading technology.

FLIs renewed commitment to and focus on, collaboration platform and bespoke case management software continue to ensure a seamless and pain-free experience for its global member firms and clients.

“It’s an exciting time to be an FLI Net member. We are seeing continuous evolution of ideas and initiatives from FLI. We are already seeing improved communication, transparency and efficiencies on cases.” FLI Net member
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